Four reasons to use powder
 Powder - an important final stage of daily makeup. Someone like a compact version of someone more suitable loose powder or pellets. Do you use powder?

Ideally, every woman should be a compact powder, and crumbly. And what powder? Here are four reasons why we should not forget about this product:

1. Powder improves the color and tone of the face.   You can use the powder and on top of foundation, and can directly over the skin, if you have a good skin. Powder in the first and in the second case will make the skin more smooth, smooth, hide the heterogeneity of color face.

2. Powder allows makeup to stay much longer.   Some makeup artists even advise to use a little powder lips lipstick, powder allows not to wear lipstick. A small layer of powder blush will also last longer, and for a long time to maintain a clear outline of lipstick or gloss. Shadow and eyeliner and will not fade.

3. Powder absorbs fat.   Powder (unless mineral product) has no dampening properties. On the contrary, it absorbs moisture and oils. Thus, the powder can prevent the grease, glossy skin. And powder, as you know, is simply an indispensable product for women and girls with oily and very oily skin. Matting effect of the powder is required, and in some parts of the mixed skin.

4. Powder lets you tweak the makeup at any time and in almost any environment.   Too much rouge? Tone Cream is too dark and unnatural? Powder can help! After all, often from home, it is difficult to choose the right shades for different lighting. In addition, the presence of powder in the beautician gives self-confidence and their appearance. Even some redness and small pimple will not spoil your important meeting or a good mood, if you have to a powder.

Author: Julia Gnedina