Gucci creates 3-D glasses
 Gucci brand announces a new product - the 3-D glasses to watch movies recorded in 3-D format. I put on the market these sunglasses by Gucci will be in December this year.

The first luxury brand refers to such items as glasses for viewing the movie in 3-D format. James Cameron to be happy! Now in theaters will go and wealthy public, at least in order to demonstrate the new three-dimensional glasses from a known brand.

The development of new glasses were made from September of last year. The result is a pair of glasses pilots in black frames, partly in retro style that are able to attract a younger audience to the brand. Designer glasses - Frida Giannini.

This model - unisex, worth $ 225, will be sold initially only in the US boutiques. Of course, because America - the country that gave the world the most significant a 3-D films and has the largest number of the 3-D theaters.

 Gucci creates 3-D glasses

Author: Julia Gnedina