How much time women spend looking at myself in the mirror?
 British scientists have calculated everything. The survey involved 1000 Englishwomen. The study also estimated how many tons of cosmetics per year need to British women, and how much money it.

The results of the survey are as follows. As many as five days per year   women spend on what to see in the mirror! At the same time, many British women use lipstick that this amount would be enough to draw a line from London to New York. Tonal framework leaves per year among women UK about 880 gallons and for dyeing eyelashes they make 16 million strokes of the brush.

And a couple of interesting observations provided a new study. Almost 40% of women say they do not go out of the house without make-up, and 19% tend to agree to spend less on food than to cut their spending on cosmetics.

UK Women believe that the crisis can not affect their desire to buy cosmetics. At least 53 per cent of respondents believe that the recession can not stop buying them in the cosmetic department. And financiers confirm this. Women may spend an average of 653 a year, 64 pounds ($ 1, 034.47) for the purchase of cosmetics, and during the life of this amount looms 43 000 pounds ($ 68, 055.37)

The beauty of modern women is the most important area of ​​interest, and they do not agree to cut their spending on it.

Author: Julia Gnedina