How to clean the skin
 If you live in the city, you know how important it is to clean your face every day. Every day you can see how much dirt accumulates on the face when the skin clean. Even the presence of makeup does not help the situation. This means that our advice for proper cleansing of the skin will be useful to many.

1. Proceed in the right direction . What does it mean? Often write that the cotton swab should be used strictly according to the skin lines. You do not have to memorize all these lines of skin, just remember a very simple rule: any manipulation of the face should be carried out in an outward direction (from the center) and upwards. If you act against these trends, it can damage the skin, stretch it, to provoke premature wrinkles.

2. Regularly . At least twice a day to clean the skin. When necessary, it is possible and often. Urban environment affects the skin all the time, so the only regular cleaning is able to somehow deal with the problem.

3. Use the tonic.   His task is not only in the toning of the skin, it also clears the detergent residues that are on the skin after washing and make-up remover.

4. panda eyes.   This effect can only be avoided if you never leave the make-up at night.

5. Be considerate.   In some places on the face (under the eyes, around the eyes), the skin is very thin, so you should treat it with extreme caution. Never pull or rub your skin. To cleanse take a little soft cream and just gently stroke their skin. Also, gently remove the cleanser. Try for the skin around the eyes use special means, including the clearing.

6. Operation "clean hands."   Any manipulation of the face produce clean hands. This is important for the skin.

7. Do not get carried away ckrabami.   Exfoliation is essential for skin, but be especially careful if you have sensitive skin. Once a week for exfoliation treatments - is enough.

8. Acne!   The most effective anti-acne and acne - in the office of a dermatologist. This is the first specialist to whom you need to address. And only after the nature of acne is classified, only then you can go to the salon. Or look for in specialist stores with the degree of doctor. And, of course, do not try to diagnose yourself!

Author: Julia Gnedina