Increase eyelashes: I Learn about the new DIVADERME, ask questions
 DIVADERME. You are now in the lead role.
What is the secret charm of these divas such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci? Captivating view unforgettable eyes - that's the secret of their attraction. Long, fluffy, sky-high lashes turn your gaze to the exact weapon of destruction. With a revolutionary product DIVADERME you can challenge the primacy of the most beautiful women in the world.

It includes ink and a special foundation MASCARADiva LASHExtender, responsible for tripling the length and volume of your lashes. LASHExtender tool developed with the participation of top makeup artists, to create the most glamorous fashion-images, and advanced ophthalmology. The main component - the lightest hairs natural cellulose impregnated panthenol (vitamin B). Thanks to the natural composition of the ink and LASHExtender care for your lashes, and do not cause irritation of the sensitive mucosa.

A threefold increase in eyelash was made possible by an innovative idea, based on the principle of "add-ons". With mascara MASCARDiva cellulose hairs envelop the lashes and they are a natural extension. Increase the length and volume, while remaining invisible. Tools DIVADERME - secret agents in the service of your beauty.

 Increase eyelashes: I Learn about the new DIVADERME, ask questions

How to create a memorable makeover?
- Paint the lashes mascara MASCARADiva.
- Carefully open the tool LASHExtender brush and walk on the tips of the lashes. You will see how they immediately become longer.
- Again, paint the lashes mascara MASCARADiva, to secure the effect.

LASHExtender - it is light and thin particles of natural cellulose, which when applied can partially fall off, so to remove them, use a mini-brush DIVABRUSH, included in the kit.

 Increase eyelashes: I Learn about the new DIVADERME, ask questions

To remove the agent using any composition for removing eye make-up.

The estimated price of a set of two products and MASCARADiva LASHExtender - 1700 p.

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Author: Julia Gnedina