Make-up for those who wear glasses
 Gone are the days when a girl with glasses evoked sympathy for others. Today the means of vision correction they have turned into a stylish and fashion accessory - they are even those who have vision in order. But in order to points emphasized the merits of your face, it is very important not only to choose the right frame, and apply makeup properly. About what you need to remember?

Gamma , Which will be carried out make-up, it is desirable to correlate with the color of the frame, you can even pick up her tone. Cool shades are better suited to gray, silver and purple glasses, warm - for the golden and beige.

Area around the eyes   - Special attention to all the points underlined here defects, so that they must be zamaksirovat. You can use the special corrector. For example, from blue circles under her eyes rescues Magic Concealer from HR, facial wrinkles good concealer disguises from LOréal, and irritation and pimples - Concealer by Neutrogena, so that these funds, it makes sense to choose in accordance with what skin defect dominates.

Eyebrows   it is desirable to adjust so that they are in harmony with the rim or at least it did not contradict. Smooth, slightly arched eyebrow line approach to any form of points. If the frame is very thin and light, on the eyebrows can be emphasized, shading them with special powder or pencil. If the frame is massive and intense color, an additional highlight eyebrows undesirable.

Eyelashes   dye ink to be careful - it is often smeared because the eyes get tired and watery. Coping with the irritation and redness of the eye to help special drops, in particular, Visine, so it pays to carry it with you. Instead of mascara can try bunches of eyelashes, for example, Dura Lash Naturals from Ardell. They look quite as natural, well-kept for 4 weeks and are available of different lengths, so pick something that will be comfortable to wear the glasses without a problem.

Shadows   shall not extend beyond the top line of the rim, it usually looks untidy and disturbs the harmony of the face. When applied shadows, use brushes, so makeup will be more accurate.

When myopia   you can afford a little more vivid than usual, shadows, they will make more expressive eyes, reduced minus glasses. Particularly advantageous to look pearlescent shade of Faberlik example, they can be perfectly combined with each other, creating a fine color transitions. In the middle of a upper eyelid can be applied to a light accent will make it look three-dimensional.

When farsightedness   better to prefer a matte soft shadows restrained gamut, which are presented, in particular, in a palette of E-1 Basic 15 colors № 1.10 from Deklie, they help to create a natural make-up, who are not afraid of increasing the effect of "far-sighted" glasses. Clear up the inner corner of the upper eyelid and darkening the outside, you can minimize the impression that his eyes are too close to the bridge, which creates plus-lens.

It is important to remember that the frame is chosen according to the shape of the face, hair and overall style, so the makeup does not have to dominate the points, his task - to maintain the overall image is not standing out from the crowd.

Author: Julia Gnedina