Protects against bacteria
 Summer - a time when you create a very comfortable environment for the growth of various bacteria, Escherichia coli and so forth. The recent situation on the coast in Mariupol (Ukraine), where cholera is found, only confirms the need to be vigilant. Although especially do not panic.

All in our hands! Both literally and figuratively. But do not rush to put all the responsibility on antibacterial soap. Dermatologists believe that this soap can not be used on a daily basis, a natural protective barrier can be completely destroyed. This soap only for special one-off procedures.

Pay attention to the need to ordinary soap, which you wash your hands several times a day. This is especially true of liquid soap (like bacteria fatty Wednesday). It is found that many dispensers collected bacteria, even though that in detergents preservatives abound. In public places should be very careful with such means. For example, in one of the American schools (Ohio) improper use dispensers for liquid soap led to the infection of the children.

That is, in other words, the soap can also be messy. A good hygiene is not always strictly enforced, and dispensers for liquid soap are almost never cleaned.

Wash hands should only be "clean" soap. Going on vacation or in public places, consider this point in advance and bring a few probes with shower gel, for example, or buy disposable packaging soap or antibacterial wipes. Wash hands with soap should be at least 20 seconds and use warm water for this.

Happy holidays!

Author: Julia Gnedina