Reese Witherspoon is a trio of new fragrances by Avon
 Reese this month collected a good crop of publications and news lines. Maybe it's a coincidence, but just three events attracted worldwide attention the famous blonde. Of course, the number one event in the life of the actress - wife. Yesterday, she all of a sudden a wedding. In addition, Reese shot for the cover of Vogue, and also became the face of three new fragrances by Avon.

Cover and material about Reese - in the May issue of American Vogue.

 Reese Witherspoon is a trio of new fragrances by Avon

And now about the flavors. Reese Witherspoon has several seasons is not only the face of cosmetics Avon, and charitable programs of the brand (for example, to protect against breast cancer). This year, Avon celebrates 125th anniversary. It will be a lot more to this premier event. And the first is connected with Reese. Avon is launching a trio of new fragrances - is a collection called Expressions collection. Aromas are short and succinct name of Love, Laugh and Live and reflect three new measure of femininity from Reese.

 Reese Witherspoon is a trio of new fragrances by Avon

Sometimes she feels playful and perky. There are days when she is optimistic and modern, and there are especially sensual and sexy moments. Avon knows that all women are - they change from day to day. And so the modern lady needs a palette of flavors.

Reese Witherspoon was chosen to present a new idea from Avon - Three feminine odor Love, Laugh and Live. In them, any woman can express herself.

Love - floral scent that reflects the fresh breath of new love. The aroma interwoven notes of black pepper, peony, amber and wood. Premiere - April 2011.

Laugh - citrus composition "for a woman who laughs out loud." The fragrance is based on the notes of white tea, mandarin, freesia and rose. Launching new products - in May 2011.

Live - Fruit novelty for women who know how to enjoy every day of life. At the heart of the smell - bergamot, lily of the valley, gardenia. The official launch - in August 2011.

 Reese Witherspoon is a trio of new fragrances by Avon

All odors will appear in the form of toilet water (50ml).

Author: Julia Gnedina