Social network 25,000 users
 Social network, which began work on 1 December 2010 crossed the threshold of 25 000 users. The joint project of the publishing house "Royber" and the group "MediaFort" successfully operating for 3 months, we continually develop and introduce new services and opportunities for interesting and effective stay (and weight loss) website.   - A closed, though already very big club like-minded people. We want those who come to the site, at least for now, in the initial stage of its development, it is very clear about why and for what purpose they are registered. From this point of view, the system of invitations (invites) - another opportunity to work exactly on the target, the audience interested in the site, and not on "passing by."

User feedback on the site

Victoria (nickname - Tori Vasil'chenko):

Before registering on the site I thought with fear about the upcoming weight loss. I believe that the process of weight loss and hunger, stress, irritability - are inseparable. Thanks to the site I know that it is not so! Here I do not feel like a man who is something to deny yourself. Here I am happy every day, find friends, get support and support.

Social network for losing weight gives the important feeling that I'm not alone, my way to ease the health and interests of thousands of people, and I just can not let them down. Since registration in December 2010. I have already got rid of 12 kilograms. I brought my weight back to normal, but the most important thing - I have regained a sense of lightness, without negative emotions! Now I know that beauty does not require sacrifice.

Svetlana (nickname - LanaSvetlana):
On I got absolutely no chance, thanks to one of his articles written for other sites. Describing it as successfully lost weight, my friend, I received an invitation to this website. Excess weight, about 15 kg, was in my presence, with him, I wanted to leave, but did nothing for a long time for this. Everything was on the level of desire and impulse to efforts to lose weight, was not.

Arriving at and filling out their profile page, I wrote her weight and the one that wanted to have. This for me was the impetus for action. I looked around online, I really liked, easy to find a page with a list of diets to choose what I liked, read the article that I got interested in, found a lot of new and useful things. And the most important thing that I really liked - it's keeping a blog on the site. There I was told about their successes, wondering when I was something not clear. I helped advice and support forumchanok who supported me, encouraged and urged to go to the goal.

With respect to the results - I am more than happy with them. Firstly, I do not think that in 37 years you can return the young body without cellulite! Secondly, I became physically strong. Third, I began to eat, do not starve to lose weight at the same time and be satisfied with them.

Olga (nickname - Pupa):
I waited for the creation of this site from the moment she learned that he would be! From the first days immediately took for themselves, because the new services, groups, clubs, and that she has created a very prompt to action, to try new name. And somehow it all started easily in terms of weight loss, brittle and without strain. I am very disciplined opportunity every day to publicly display my weight, writing in his diary menus and exercises, discuss it, to receive comments and suggestions. Support network for friends I played probably the most important role in my weight loss. While I was still in the middle, but when you reach your goal, be sure to stay their favorite team saytomi me to keep in shape!

Feature - combined three important thematic social network components:

- Information   - The site presents unique author's materials on diet, nutrition, fitness, psychology of weight loss, health. Very popular directory of diets, provides free on-line consultation of specialized experts.

- Service   - The site is equipped with numerous options that allow to follow the changes of your weight and calculate the optimum, to consider, monitor and analyze your diet, track calories and get the best result.

- Social   - The site presents and are actively used all the possibilities of social networks: the possibility of friendship and communication, personal and group blogs, posting photos and videos, and even the possibility of joint special slimming clubs.

We are committed in their work to topu 3 leading sites dedicated to weight loss, in principle, to a significant place among the theme of women's social networks. It's nice here, we generally compete with other projects from the creators of our own, which follows.

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