Spring trends in manicure nail studios from the Web Lena Lenina
 With the onset of spring women handle exempt from gloves and mittens and bare ... oh, horror, well-groomed fingers! But, his hands - this is the first part of the female body, which draws the attention of men and so manicure is the subject of female naiperveyshey necessary. We can say that hands are the "face" of the woman!

So Lena Lenina, owner of the eponymous network studios manicure and decided to share relevant for the Spring 2011 fashion trends in the world neylindustrii.

This season, the leaders were the most resistant coatings, which finally appeared in Moscow: SHELAQUE and OPI. The service life of these wonder-coatings is much higher than the efficiency of conventional lacquers. For lovers of increasing current capacity is "french". Moreover, the combination of colors may be far from classic. The design of this season, it is recommended to give preference to the geometry and symmetry. Trendy - silver coating, as well as all kinds of brown, bronze, olive, emerald green, khaki, the color of moss and pine.

However, the main trend this spring is a natural and health-hand! One of the most recommended in this season are procedures such as hot manicure (strengthening vitamin complex), Japanese manicure MASURA (natural capacity, restoring the nail plate), capacity BIO SCULPTURE GEL (in resin tiksovogo tree containing a protein of high concentration), paraffin ( moisturizes the skin, improves blood circulation and joints), almond care (deep conditioning and smoothing the skin), chocolate wrapping (moisturizes, increases the overall tone of the skin), as well as care alginate containing algae that prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

 Spring trends in manicure nail studios from the Web Lena Lenina

Author: Julia Gnedina