Star girlfriend Yana Rudkovsky choose OLAY Total Effects
 Face OLAY Total Effects Yana Rudkovsky is a longtime friend and fan of the brand, in fact, by her own admission, she first tried OLAY means many years ago, having become acquainted with them even in America. A successful producer, caring mother and loving wife, she is beautiful in any of its roles, and always at the height due OLAY Total Effects. This winter, the numerous admirers of the star of a series of tools OLAY Total Effects joined girlfriend Jana, after advising your friends that you like, always a pleasure!

«OLAY - the brand that gives me the confidence and respect. That's why I always enthusiastically recommend OLAY her friends. Oxana Fedorova, Alexander Savelyev and Daria Spiridonova already appreciated by means of my favorite lines of Total Effects, and I am sure that they are not the last people known to the numerous list of fans of the brand " - Said Yana.

Alexander Savelyev, Darya Spiridonova and Oxana Fedorova - the bright representative of the Russian show business, famous, successful and beautiful. By agreeing to participate in a new advertising campaign OLAY Total Effects, the stars say that at the beginning of their collaboration with the brand prompted the desire to share with others their own positive experiences.

"I always trust in Jan regard to self-care, because I know that she is a true professional in cosmetology, because Jan - dermatologist by training. So when she told me about the merits of OLAY Total Effects, I have no doubt tried means of this series, and soon saw that did the right thing " - Says the singer Sasha Saveliev.

"Ian is really professional in everything and just looks great,   - I agree with Sasha Miss Universe 2002, TV presenter Oksana Fedorova. - I have always admired Jana and how she manages to look flawless in any situation. When she became the face of cosmetics line OLAY Total Effects, I naturally asked about her - whether she uses these tools. In response to Jan gave me a jar of cream. I tried and realized what Ian loves these funds and why they so earnestly recommends " .

 Star girlfriend Yana Rudkovsky choose OLAY Total Effects

Each of the star friends Yana Rudkovsky discovered their favorite tools in a series of OLAY Total Effects.

In recognition Oxana Fedorova   Night Cream OLAY Total Effects has become for her the indispensable tool which is always present on her nightstand. After a busy working day, endless surveys, interviews, photo shoots Oksana simply causes favorite cream morning and weariness on her face no trace remains. The cream effectively restores and moisturizes the skin, tightens pores and fights wrinkles.

Darya Spiridonova   especially liked the cream transforms skin around the eyes OLAY Total Effects, which is efficient to fight the seven signs of skin aging around the eyes, including wrinkles, dryness, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. A special reflective effect, a part of this cream, give her skin glow and make it an even tone.

Sasha Saveliev   It is giving preference to the most favorite line of anti-aging cleansers action OLAY Total Effects. Cream-gel for washing the line contains exfoliating micro-particles that help Sasha very effectively and gently cleanses the skin from make-up, thus stimulating its renewal. After using a refreshing tonic OLAY Total Effects skin becomes fresh and radiant and gentle cleansing milk OLAY Total Effects Sasha especially likes to take along for the ride - it is incredibly gently cleanses the skin and protects skin from stress such as dry air planes or climate change.

In addition, Sasha, Oksana and Daria recognized that the tissue mask OLAY Total Effects has become for them a real salvation. After a difficult working day of filming, stage make-up and shows it should only be left on the face for 15 minutes, and the skin literally transformed: wrinkles are reduced, pores are narrowed, the complexion improves, the skin is like shining, and the effect of the mask is maintained for 24 hours.

The line Olay Total Effects, which includes many more wonderful tools, so loved the stars, established to deal effectively with the seven signs of skin aging. The main signs of age-related skin changes include: fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, age spots and capillaries, enlarged pores, uneven surface of the skin, dull complexion.

The patented complex VitaNiacin, which is part of the complex provides a visible improvement in the condition and health of the skin, moisturizing complex OLAY provides hydration up to 24 hours and maintains a perfect balance of hydration of the skin, green tea extract is an effective antioxidant, and light-reflecting particles instantly visible camouflage skin imperfections.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila