The new men's toilet water from Oriflame Architect: Creating Your World
 Courage generates enthusiasm, rejection of routine generates creativity. Projecting the future, trust the feelings. The new eau de toilette in a unique bottle, designed by the famous architect, will be a great gift for the men's day!

Custom, exciting the imagination, the new fragrance for men Architect   from Oriflame like natures extraordinary creative and able to change the world around them and create a new one. Such a man will appreciate a bottle design, created by the famous architect Dominique Perrault.

Dominique Perrault (Dominique Perrault)   - A talented French architect, winner of the prestigious awards. Especially for Oriflame Dominique Perrault has created an unusual bottle Architect . Excellent, nothing on similar buildings erected on its projects in different parts of the world, brought him worldwide fame and numerous awards. The author's style is characterized by unusual Perrault chopped form. The futuristic design of glass excite the imagination, but perfectly fit into the modern urban landscape, like finding a secret relationship between nature and technology.

The creator of the fragrance Architect   - Famous perfumer Dade Alexis (Alexis Dadier) . Became interested in fragrances from an early age, in 1999, Alexis entered the perfumery school Mane, after which became perfumery and worked for the most famous perfume houses. In 2009, Alexis was awarded Fifi Awards - an annual premium, to assess progress in the field of perfumery.

For Alexis create a fragrance can be compared with the selection of architectural elements - each flavor has a specific color, shape and texture: "Creating Architect, I wanted to reflect the personality of the character of the fragrance of architecture in comparison technology and organic forms. As an architectural structure, my fragrance is revealed from different angles, demonstrating the dominance of woody and spicy notes, combined with aromatic hints " .

Aroma type: fern, aromatic
Top notes: lemon, cardamom, blue hemlock
Notes of the "heart": sequoia, cedar, gvayak
Plume: patchouli, vetiver, tobacco

 The new men's toilet water from Oriflame Architect: Creating Your World

Architect Eau de Toilette
Modern organic aroma for a creative nature. Invigorating notes of conifers Hemlock blue merge with cardamom, revealing a multi-faceted composition Architect. The dominant woody notes appear gvayaka and redwoods, a smooth transition to a tobacco spicy trail. 75 ml
Price: 1250 rubles.

Architect Eau de Toilette for sale from 31 January 2011.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila