18 percent of elementary school students use mascara!
 You've probably heard the story of 6-year-old girl from the UK, who goes to school with makeup? And, of course, outraged. But do not jump to conclusions, it turns out, this is not an isolated incident! However, it calms the news from the US.

In the United States, surveys were conducted, which revealed that 18 per cent of girls aged 8 to 12 years of constant use mascara, and 15 percent - eyeliner and / or lipstick. While two years ago, these figures were within 10% of that too much, agree. But worst of all, these figures are rising.

If the growth rates of these indicators will continue, then in five years, one-third of the class will be in makeup every day. And if you think that there is nothing wrong in the fact that second-form girl will come to school with smoky eyes or lipstick, apart from the moral have medical warnings.

The fact that adult cosmetics contain components (so-called phthalates) are not compatible with adolescent development, especially during puberty.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina