Bright manicure - the trend of the season Summer 2010
 As shown by the leading fashion shows, the best accessory for the summer meeting - a rich and colorful paints. Spectacular manicure juicy scheme will raise your spirits and give the image of uniqueness.

The American corporation CND - the leader in the nail industry - is an innovative palette of paints Color & Effects . It includes a 50-ton varnishes from pastel to saturated colorful and dark charcoal and black shades, as well as 15 unique effects with the combination of which can be obtained over 800 unique colors. The latter is not just give main coverage texture, and radically change their color. For example, carbon black lacquer turns into a shimmering purple, red to silvery pink and green in a sparkling yellow. Having a few of these effects and the primary colors everyone can create their own unique palette.

It is also worth noting that innovative varnishes Color & Effects   of CND established technology 3Free and completely eliminate harmful components. Therefore, using a professional tool, you can absolutely not have to worry about their health and the state of the nails.

Lucky and the effects of CND - Color & Effects   - The best accessories to meet the hot season.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila