"I love the night" - the new fragrance by La Perla
 The new fragrance J'Aime La Nuit (I love the night) creates passionate and sensual emotions, namely those that appear in the night, full of desires and passions. If you are not afraid of sexual and sensual call, the smell - is yours!

Aroma J'Aime La Nuit called even painfully sensual. It expresses the night, mysterious, elegant and sexy and passionate.

The heroine of the fragrance as it were admits: "I love the night, velvety darkness that sharpens the senses. I love the night, which is full of secrets and desires. I love the night, lighting not only the stars but also the passion that knows no bounds. "

Try it and you're calling this composition. Basic chords - Asian pear notes and melegetskogo pepper. Heart notes - jasmine Queen of the Night, black orchid, hyacinth Muscari, hellebore (Hellebore rose). The loop - tree amyris, Kashmiri wood and warm amber.

 "I love the night" - the new fragrance by La Perla

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina