In October, at the Yves Saint Laurent - A new mascara
 New Singulier mascara by Yves Saint Laurent is subject to almost everything: charming bending length bold, expressive look. This mascara applied the latest innovations House YSL. Firstly, it is - a unique brush having an elliptical shape, and bristle multidimensional. Secondly, it is - of course, part of caring for eyelashes and strengthens them.

New Singulier mascara by Yves Saint Laurent will be on sale in October. It will be presented in four saturated colors: deep black, dark brown, deep green, deep purple.

A little more on the brush. It is structured in an elliptical way, it has a multi-dimensional bristles, which provides perfect coverage from root to tip for each cilium. New brush as close to the roots of the lashes paints over, it creates a kind of circuit that does look particularly impressive. Plus, a new brush perfectly separates lashes and curls them.

What is new in it? As part of the special microspheres create additional volume and thickness of your eyelashes. Pro-vitamin B5 protects and strengthens the structure of the eyelashes. To build - microfibre nylon bending - wax, retaining the bending over time.

The creators of the new mascara Singulier give some advice on the most effective use of it:
- It is better to paint, dry lashes.
- Start painting from the roots, performing zigzag movements that allow to "dress" each eyelash color from all sides.
- Be sure to Renew coloring movement from the end of the eyelashes, so you are well "stretch out" the texture and mascara lengthen eyelashes.
- Begin to paint eyelashes from the center of the century, then go to the edges
- To achieve the best effect to tighten up a few seconds, hold the brush under the lashes, as if keeping the bend of your choice, then the elastic formula mascara "remember" the shape of your eyelashes.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina