October - a month of special attention to the problems of breast cancer
 In the campaign against breast cancer, including the very many "female" brands. Our portal is sure to be informed about what projects in this area offer a leading producer of cosmetics and clothing. Today, a few words about the program Avon ¬ęTogether Against Breast Cancer."

Avon recalls that the majority of cases of breast cancer can be cured if be diagnosed in time and to take measures in the early stages of the disease. Therefore, in October, Avon encourages us all to go to mammologu.

We have so much time to remove the bra (to take a shower, feed the baby, sex, etc.) - Why not do it again? "Do this ... in the office of mammalogy to save your life! "- Calls for social advertising that runs a charitable program Avon¬ę Together Against Breast Cancer. " In October, public awareness campaign launched in Moscow and throughout the year will cover the whole territory of Russia.

Visit the website Avon-protivraka, get free expert advice, learn about the activities and programs of the project are included in the program and themselves - tell about breast cancer to her friends, coming together with colleagues for examination.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina