For women
 MAC has joined forces with the "megastar - housewife" Dame Edna Everage, to create a new collection of decorative cosmetics, whose release is scheduled for January 2009.

Senior Vice President / Creative Director described MAC James Gager cooperation as "a triumph of soul and creativity."

Gager worked hard to Everage, to ensure that the collection, which includes lip gloss, eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish, to fully reveal the image of Dame.

Therefore, packaging - like hair Dame Edna - lilac, decorated with shiny red glasses. Favorite Pop Artist of the flower, gladiolus, was the inspiration for the colors of many funds. Kanga-rouge, reportedly became a favorite shade Dame.

Everage modestly describes himself (with tongue firmly pressed against the cheek) as "the most popular and talented woman in the world today: housewife, a veteran journalist, social anthropologist, guest of many television shows, illustrator of children's books, piarschitsa, megastar and icon" .

She explains: "I have worked closely with the creative director of MAC, James Gager. I also worked with a make-up artist, stylist, designer and expert Product Development, Jennifer Balbier.

 For women

"We have expanded and improved color gamut, which is not only suitable for people of my age, but women who are just beginning to live. This is really advanced and modern line. "

Everage has promised to be faithful to the pioneer MAC, and to travel the world as a representative of the collection, which is named after her.

Author: Ann, New York