Makeup Collection Spring-Summer 2009 by Lancome
 Pink Irreverence - French playful and bold makeup debut collection from Aaron De May's (Aaron De Mey), the new artistic director of Lancome. It is based on the surprising and daring combination of two colors: pink and black.

Aaron De May - freedom-manga-dandy obsessed with pop culture and rock 'n' roll, draws inspiration from childhood memories of black sands of his native New Zealand. As a result of a bold, eclectic mix of get rich, luxurious and daring style, which combined two star colors, re-open Aaron De Meem: pure pink, pays tribute to a symbolic rose, and shiny black, inspired by the volcanic sand beach of Piha in New Zealand, home of Aaron De May.

His debut collection of Aaron De May is revolutionizing the make-up, while stressing the eyes and lips. "I like the contrasts and extremes, clashing colors and textures - explains Aaron de May. - I chose this vibrant fuchsia as a tribute to Rose Lancome. As for color Piha Black, apart from the black sand beach, where I grew up, it also reflects numerous other sources that influenced my work: the culture of London punk 70s, smoky eyes Marlene Dietrich, who created his own black using burnt cork ... "

Lipstick Laque Fever   It combines bright shades of lipstick with a luxurious radiance shine. Exclusive formula Laque Fever - is the fruit of six years of research laboratories Lancome. The true technological breakthrough, the subject of seven patents, Laque Fever is a concentrate of pure, ultra-bright and brilliant color that lasts as long as possible - within 6 hours.

Enriched formula of color pigments Laque Fever provides the perfect application, makes lips more smooth and decorates them with a solid color. Laque Fever, rich pearl shades, reflecting the rays of light, creates a unique multi-dimensional brilliant effect. Perfect melting texture provides lasting comfort.

For best results and accurate application of Lancome has developed applicator Soft Sculpt, which also provides a perfect lip contour delineation.

Case Laque Fever modern high-tech form is in accordance with current trends. "A futuristic packaging, decorated with silver, secret treasure, which stores all of the power of color and brightness ... The object of desire ..." - says Aaron De May.

Feminine and delicate aroma Laque Fever reveals fresh harmony of bergamot and lychee, which emphasizes the sensual notes of rose, raspberry and apple surrounded by a luxurious wave of white musk and vanilla.

Laque Fever is presented in the following shades: 312: Furious in Fuchsia (Fuchsia), 316: Pink My Ride (light pink), 210: Marilyn Beige (beige), 212: Overheated Beige (Solid beige).

Set eye shadow Pink Punk and Black Palette . In this palette, Aaron De May rediscovers the image of "smoky eyes", weaving it with a pink tinge. The result is a "smoky-pink eyes." Pink Punk and Black Palette playing the collision of matte texture three pink shades and brilliant Piha Black, explosive glossy black color that bring light and strength to the overall image. The alliance of these colors and textures creates a graphic quality and architectural image. Set Pink Punk and Black Palette 01 colors Irreverent Madame will be limited.

Laque Liner Eyeliner   represents a new generation podvodok eye Pure Black most rich black. Their formula with intense shine allows for ease of application and ensures superb clarity lines in one motion. Aaron De May also created a version with added luster - Piha Sparkle for shimmering volcanic image. When applied over the color Pure Black, it reveals the effect of shimmering black eyeliner, emphasizing the eye and makes them shiny. Provision 01 02 Pure Black and Piha Sparkle presented in the new boxes, covered with black lacquer. Color 02 Piha Sparkle will be limited.

Lip Gloss Color Fever Gloss . Black 040 Piha Black (limited edition) - brash and bold, perfect for every way: it can be applied separately, achieving the effect of light and shade, or as a coating to impart deep red lips. 318 Rock Icon Fuchsia (Fuchsia) - a new vision of pink, the main lip color this season.

Nail polish Le Vernis Piha Black   It simulates the shimmering volcanic sand beach of Piha, creating a brilliant effect with intense black. The main trend this season for chic, bold image. The collection Pink Irreverence Le Vernis nail polish is available in two variants of pure pink: 302 Mother of Pink (pink) and 310 Furious in Fuchsia (Fuchsia) - black and 011 Piha Black (limited edition).

Eyebrow Pencil Le Crayon Khol . Timeless Pencil Crayon Khol this season got a new solution in white. Available in colors: 01 Black and 010 White.

Mascara Hypnose   It gives volume and separates the lashes, giving them a rich black color. Available in 01 color black.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila