Rexona Naturals - 48 hours protection, which allows the skin to breathe freely
 Rexona has created a line of deodorants Rexona Naturals, which contain natural ingredients and allow you to feel safe and be protected from the unpleasant smell of sweat up to 48 hours. Rexona Naturals provides gentle care for the skin armpits, allowing it to breathe.

Line Rexona Naturals   It includes sprays and deodorants ball two flavors: Fresh   and Active . Antiperspirants Rexona Naturals   Your quickly adapt to the individual mode of the day and the rhythm of life.

No matter how long and rich nor was your day, Rexona Fresh   with cucumber extract and green tea will create around you an invisible aura of natural freshness.

If you just can not imagine my life without movement, and has an amazing gift to engage in a hundred things at once, you will approach the antiperspirant Rexona Active   with extracts of grapefruit and exotic refreshing lemongrass.

Allow yourself to be different depending on the mood, let the same be just your confidence in their beauty and antiperspirants.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila