Spring fragrances by Kenzo
 Kenzo has dedicated his collection of fragrances Eaux de Fleurs Spring flowering gardens. Transparent and delicate fragrances have a light and romantic character.

Eau de Fleur de soie. silk (in the photo) is dedicated to flower silk tree. Thin fruit shades complement the smell of a pink flower. The author of the composition is Jean-Jacques (Jean Jacques) from Takasago.

Eau de Fleur de thé. tea is built on a gentle and invigorating aroma of the flower tea - a white flower with a massive yellow sertsevinkoy. For added flavor of the flower notes of green tea and musk. Written compositions - Orelin Guichard (Aurelien Guichard) from Givaudan.

Eau de Fleur de magnolia is dedicated to one of the most beautiful flowers - magnolia. Its alluring and seductive fragrance with notes of the Hesperides. Written compositions - Kurkdzhan Francis (Francis Kurkdjian) from Takasago.

Fragrances are presented in the form of toilet water (50 mL).

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila