Ten thousand registered users - a new record for women's social network myJulia.ru
 Women's social network myJulia.ru May 26 noted the registration of ten thousand person. The secret of popularity myJulia the female audience - a wide variety of articles that are written by users. To the already existing seven thousand exciting and useful materials are added daily to fifty articles on all sorts of interesting women topics from beauty and style - to recipes and cooking, from guides to career - up tips for the care of children.

A significant part of the authors myJulia   are not professional journalists, yesterday they did not think about the author's career, and today - loved by thousands of regular readers. Become a popular writer can anyone who is capable and interesting to write unbanal disclose "feminine" themes. Pride myJulia   - The absence of the invited "by the" stars popular authors now began his career is on the pages of this social network. Many authors have formed on the pages myJulia   its portfolio - which allows them even now, in times of crisis, to find a new job, as well as - to improve their skills: for daily users of the site left up to 4 thousand comments to the author's articles!

Users myJulia   constantly competing with each other in a set of rankings: social network has a lot of simple but interesting technical solutions for the user - assessment materials and photos, diary entries and comments; user ratings and their teams.

One of the unmarked myJulia - contests Whose support is well-known brands. Contests thematic material for the authors, contests, interesting stories, photo competitions for all registered users make the time spent on myJulia Not just not dull, but gambling.

But is the technical possibilities - the main female in the social network? No! The main thing - communication between a wearer . Online myJulia   you can always find friends with the same interests, you can always find people who will be able to advise in a difficult situation to determine the best way out, to give a professional assessment of those or other events.

MyJulia.ru invites you to its pages all the beautiful women - regardless of their age and interests. Boredom will not be one!

Women's social network myJulia.ru was opened in August 2008, and thus became the first women's network in the Russian segment of the Internet. MyJulia.ru included in the group "Mediafort", which also owns a number of female Internet publications: women's magazine myJane.ru, culinary social network Povarёnok.ru Portal beauty myCharm.ru, crafts portal Hobbyportal. The total coverage of the female audience of the project group "Mediafort" - more than 100 thousand people a day.