The evolution in the care of her hands with Almond Hydrating Lotion
 Every girl wants to just one way to care for your hands could go to provide the necessary care and long-term effect. But, unfortunately, not many cosmetic products combine all of the desired functions.

Now, to ensure a high quality cabin will effect lotion Almond Hydrating Lotion   by CND (Creative Nail Design). Drugs in this American corporation has for many years enjoyed great popularity among the masters of beauty salons and their visitors, because their quality is always on top and meets all modern requirements. CND and again creates a new generation of tools, adding innovative technologies and making them more effective.

For example, to replace the popular drug Solar Silk   I came Professional lotion Almond Hydrating Lotion . This unique means of collection Almond Spa Manicure Almond - a real godsend for quality care for your hands. The lotion has a great slide, so is the perfect tool to massage. In addition, the tool is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin greasy.

But not only the consistency of the preparations has become a major difference, but also the composition. Almond Hydrating Lotion   It is based on extracts of sweet almond oil, which provides a highly efficient power supply and lifting of the skin. Glycerol, derived from plant oils lung quickly absorbed into the skin and acts as a magnet, attracting and retaining moisture therein. Massage lotion has excellent properties due to the content of sunflower oil in it. In addition, the vehicle contains jojoba oil that "gives" vitamin E in the skin, thereby providing an effective power.

Professional Lotion Almond Hydrating Lotion   by CND (Creative Nail Design) will make the hand care and long-term high performance.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila