The secret of sparkling manicure - polishing nail file Glossing Buffer Board of CND
 To make your nails look brilliantly polished necessary. This simple procedure not only to align the nail plate and give it luster, but also provide a smooth varnished.

Leader in Nail-industry CND (Creative Nail Design) on the Russian cosmetics market professional nail file polisher nail-Glossing Buffer Board. It is capable in a matter of seconds to polish both natural and artificial nails to a mirror shine. Thin plastic base makes flexible nail file, making it easy to use and extends its service life. Polisher Glossing Buffer Board is excellent degreasing the nail plate, so that the varnish applied is much smoother and lasts longer.

Give your marigolds perfect shine with a polisher Glossing Buffer Board of CND (Creative Nail Design).

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila