Amazing Grace - the novelty of Philosophy
 Despite the fact that I have always loved Philosophy, for some reason I never used Amazing Grace, their aroma-bestseller. Why is that? I'm not sure, because almost never smelled it before, and it's not that I did not like the smell.

I was so passionate about their other delicious flavors (seriously, after all, where else can you find a shower gel with the scent of gingerbread and apple pie?) That never paid attention to Amazing Grace and their other more traditional perfumes. Yes, that was an omission!

Amazing Grace - very light, floral fragrance with notes of vanilla. He has such a mild flavor that is hard to call it a flavor. What I mean - well, this is what people often say "you're perfectly smell" rather than "I like your perfume." Philosophy, even noted that this beautiful fragrance for breeding, which I definitely agree. I've never used it as an ordinary perfume (as I have heard comments about his changeable resistance), but I think Spray Body Spritz is the best option.

Skrabiruyuschee perfumed cleanser

Skrabiruyuschee cleanser - a product that I fell in love after the first use! It contains fine granules, which are very pleasant feel on the skin (although I'm not sure that their number is sufficient to fully exfoliate the skin). Cleanser forms a thick lather and rinsed off well. It is not that moisturizes like a normal Dove, but definitely not dry out as normal soap or other cleansers that I used. In general, this means the use of which I really enjoy!

Perfumed Body Spray

Body Spritz - really the perfect vehicle for the summer! It has the aroma of perfume Amazing Grace, very light, but fairly stable. It contains several wetting agents (such as glycerol), however, I have not enough and it is necessary to use also other cream. Nevertheless, I think that's a plus, since it is possible to use the spray also for other purposes, for example, to refresh the linens! (Yes, my pillow smells Now Amazing Grace! Simply delicious!)

Shaving gel

This shaving gel for me was a big surprise. Before that, I used the gels, which were placed in cans and form a large amount of foam. I note that experienced the feeling of guilt using this product (ozone chemicals .... in such a product ...).

Overall, I love this shaving gel. He looks more like a lotion, and the skin is very silky! It allows the razor to glide easily over the skin, is easily washed off. Thanks to him, my long legs are smooth! In addition, the gel is easy to move to another container, which is very convenient when you travel!

Author: Ann, New York