Laetitia Casta: a woman with the right risk and provocation
 French model and actress Laetitia Casta - face «Notorious», bold new fragrance by Ralph Lauren for women. Laetitia was chosen because it really embodies the image of «Notorious» - sexy, strong and delightful woman with character.

"Letizia - beautiful and passionate woman who plays in the lives of many roles, seamlessly moving from one to the other, and as a woman known secular, having the glory tinged with scandal, it is able to get the whole world", - says Guillaume de line, company president Ralph Lauren Fragrances International. "It znoynost, daring and powerful femininity - that's due to what it is - the perfect person for this amazing fragrance. Laetitia is «Notorious».

Letizia, whose name is Latin for "pleasure" of the father - Corsican and Italian, and spent her childhood in Normandy province. When she was 15, on a Corsican beach he found her "talent scout". Laetitia persuaded the parents to move to Paris, where she almost immediately succeeded. In just ten months, in magazines and in the hearts of the French, a new star. Laetitia has worked with such renowned photographers as Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, Ellen von Unwerth, Gilles Bensimon and Herb Ritts. Her picture graced the cover of more than 100 fashion magazines around the world.

International success has made Laetitia beloved daughter of France, it is not surprising that the Association of Mayors of France chose its new Marianne in 2000, which is one of the most honorable titles in France.

Laetitia also an excellent actress. Her debut feature film was "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar" (1999), the most expensive of all the movies ever made in France, which created a furore in Europe. Then she turned to art-house and withdrew from the film "The strong souls," directed by Raoul Ruiz. Her film career has continued to flourish, came films "Delusion", directed by Damien Modules, "Large apartment", director Pascal Thomas and "Girl and the Wolf" - a film by Gilles Legrand. Her latest film is called "Born in 68". He has already won the award «Golden Swann» Film Festival in Cabourg, France. Soon Letizia start working on a film about the life of Serge Gainsbourg.

Laetitia busy in the theater. The premiere of her new play in September in the theater "Madeleine" in Paris and called "She's waiting for you." The play was written and staged Florian Zeller, in the play is also busy actor Bruno Todeschini.

Letizia - a mother of two children, Satin and Orlando, lives with his family in Paris.

Since September 2008, Laetitia Casta - face flavor «Notorious» by Ralph Lauren. The advertising campaign and the launch of the fragrance in Russia is scheduled for November 2008.