New cleaning products from Kiehl
 Kiehl has released two new products in its popular collection Brightening Collection!

Moisture Mask Brightening Botanical Hydrating Mask

• Contains vitamin C, calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate extract and white flowers

• The formula contains no alcohol, and a high concentration of calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate

• Moisturizing treatment all over the face, the face that returns freshness, radiance and natural shine

The agent for treating pigmentation Brightening Botanical Spot Treatment

• Contains acid Ellagic, calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate extract and white flowers

• Concentrated treatment Ellagic acid podzhivaet intensity mode Kiehl's Bright

• Can be used for the treatment of acne and redness

It seemed to me that there are lighter products in this line, so I want to say a few words for a warning. While, as cosmetic products can only "clean" face (only drugs can "lighten" the skin), these agents have a more potent effect. Purification will take place at the places where you put the means, and, depending on the pigmentation, can change color. As a rule, the treatment hyperpigmented areas may take longer, so be especially careful here! You can get a lighter border of the skin, which creates an obvious contrast, which means that your hyperpigmentation may eventually become more prominent.

But if you want to process all over the face, these products fit your needs!

Author: Ann, New York