New for mature skin by Lancôme
 Lancôme has expanded its line of anti-aging night cream Rénergie new Rénergie Morpholift Nuit RARE The series is aimed at women aged 40 years and older.

The product is described as a reducing and firming cream to go on sale later this month.

Inspired by the skin's ability to heal itself, Rénergie Morpholift Nuit RARE It based on the technology Bio-Stimulating Technology. It creates a mechanical push to the surface of the skin to awaken the biological activity of the skin at night, when it is most sensitive. The pulse passes through each layer of the skin, activating the self-healing processes in it, according to Lancôme.

Tech Bio-Stimulating Technology works in tandem with the technology of Lancôme RARE (tightening and firming effect), which uses a unique oligopeptide to facilitate stimulation of collagen fibers.

As a result - tightened skin with minimal signs of fatigue and renewed facial contours.

In advertising the product Rénergie Morpholift Nuit RARE take part actress Juliette Binoche (Juliette Binoche).