News from YSL
 This month Parfums Yves Saint Laurent has added a line of fragrances key new edition.

Innovations in the women's sector was the limited edition Opium Collector Spray 50ml. This is the original flavor of an improved package.

Red lacquered vial contains a clear semicircle; outer packaging has a bright red color.

In addition, the latest fragrance YSL, Elle, has been supplemented by two new versions, Intense 50ml spray and a solid perfume 3.5g Intense Solid Perfume.

Intense - a more concentrated version than the original, and contains notes of jasmine, raspberry, iris and patchouli. The bottle is decorated with a black border, depicting iconic smokingYSL. This is a perfect evening fragrance.

Intense Solid Perfume is packaged in a black compact packaging, decorated YSL Cassandra logo fuchsia.

Also, YSL has created a sparkling edition Collector Edition Sparkling edp for fragrance Cinéma.

The fragrance contains delicate sequins, iridescent shimmer that provide skin. Bottle as cardboard packaging, decorated with glowing golden stars.

Author: Ann, New York