Ralph Lauren - one of the best storytellers in the world, as well as the great directors and writers of our time.

His fashion, lifestyle and perfume brand built on the exciting story of elegance, romance and elegant charm. He creates worlds, thanks to the cinematic look and fantastic imagination. Fascinated by the sexual way, enigmatic woman belonging to itself the golden age kinoglamura, Ralph Lauren is «Notorious», daring new fragrance, intriguing and passionate.

A woman with a well-known reputation

It is difficult to translate the concept of «Notorious» in Russian. Woman «notorious» - this is what makes talking about himself, the one that gossip in the community. Woman «notorious» - a woman with character, strength, attractiveness, she has the right to risk and provocation, the right to error, which she has no regrets. I wish, insolent and insatiable. Ralph Lauren pays tribute to a woman with a controversial reputation - dangerous, resulting in the sinking heart, depriving men and women of speech.

Creating a fragrance, Ralph Lauren was inspired by divas of cinema: Faye Dunaway in the film "The Thomas Crown Affair," Lauren Bacall in a film noir masterpiece, the film "Eternal Sleep", Ingrid Bergman in Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller "Notorious." Intriguing, confident, a woman with a scandalous reputation earned sang passion and enthusiasm of each era.

"My role made me famous, but my personal life has made me even more famous" - says Laetitia Casta, a French model and actress - the perfect embodiment of «Notorious», Ralph Lauren muse face fragrance advertising campaign, created by Michael Thompson.

Classic thriller

Perfumer Olivier Pierre Guyotat created a fragrance Ralph Lauren «Notorious», sparkling spicy oriental, provocative and regal, like the woman who wears it.

Top notes of black currant, fragrant pink pepper and Italian bergamot.

Middle notes of chocolate kosmeya, frost-peony, carnation fire.
Base notes of patchouli musk, vanilla, toffee.

 RALPH LAUREN represents ... «NOTORIOUS»

Chocolate kosmeya, decadent, dark chocolate smelling a red flower, a unique ingredient used for flavor «Notorious». Chocolate kosmeya creates floral shades in the middle notes, along with charismatic and fiery frost peons carnations. Intense aroma of black currant scent revives, with other sparkling top notes of fragrant pink pepper and Italian bergamot. Base notes - patchouli musk, created from perennial patchouli, aged in oak barrels for 5 years, as well as vanilla and iris seductive charm.

The object in the Art Deco style

Bottle «Notorious» inspired by the art deco style; its architectural elements are balanced proportions, a classic for this style. Square cap with a black surface bears the signature gold «RL» as a daring statement. The clean lines of the bottle makes it look that embodies the quintessence of «Ralph Lauren» - timeless and chic.

 RALPH LAUREN represents ... «NOTORIOUS»

Box - black embossed crocodile leather, inspired by the world-renowned shopping bags «Ricky» and «Legend» Ralph Lauren. Golden frame emphasizes the edge of the box - a replica of gold jewelry from the collection «Ralph Lauren» Fall-Winter 2008.