The fact that I like ...
 Find scented candles, which would have pleased us during the hot summer months can be quite problematic. Even if the smell of a delicious effect of the active ingredients in these days can be quite unattractive when the sun burns mercilessly, and you can cook an egg on the pavement. Sprays are perfect for the summer season, while the candles - in my house, anyway, is usually welcome on rainy days or with the arrival of autumn.

Sometimes the flavor is dispersed around the room, sometimes formed a local haze. I would like to tell you about a recent purchase - candle Shanghai candle by Tocca. Despite the fact that the summer months are in full swing, I was intrigued by the description:

"Chinese peony flowers lure the heart of gentle sweetness and exotic beauty. Inspired by the energy and rhythm of one of the most exciting cities in the world, Shanghai easy intoxicating, seductive scent. "

Being light and charming, and as Tocca candle in general, I decided to give it a chance.

The first catches the eye promising box, the whisper of sweetness and light touch. The candle has a wonderfully pure flame, and within a few minutes, I felt the aroma dispersed throughout the room. He definitely flower, but quite difficult to identify it peony. The best I can describe as the scent of a flower arrangement with echoes of peony. It has an integral base with a slight vanilla honey warmth (though it does not captured dainty chords), which is the essence of flavor, but at the same time, is very easy. Also there is a gentle balm aquatic notes, somewhat similar in feeling, but not as intense as the candle Tocca's Cortina.
Like other candles Tocca, a high quality product, and this composition is smooth, that reminds me of smooth flowing silk. This is a pleasant and even energetic fragrance for the summer, it is not fresh, but light enough to enjoy a balmy evening, but it lacks a certain hesitation to maintain interest over a long period of time. It is refined, obedient, unobtrusive. But he does not take the place of my other favorite by Tocca, candles Grace (warm, majestic lily). However, if the notes sound like your cup of tea, you can enjoy them in the summer and at any other time of the year.

Author: Ann, New York