Biotherm Force Supreme is new
 Biotherm Homme (L'Oréal Produits de Luxe International) introduced a new anti-aging care, called Force Supreme. Intended audience - men 35 years and older.

Force Supreme is described as the first product of a deep replenishing the skin with nutrients, which revives the vital functions of the skin and restores its support matrix, thereby preventing any loss of elasticity.

At this age, especially men's skin reacts to invaders such as sunlight or shaving, moreover, it becomes prone to wrinkles and age spots.

Force Supreme, according to the manufacturer, is opposed to these problems thanks to the unique combination of nature and science. The formula contains extracts of kidney Japanese cedar, pro-xylane (a compound that acts as a healing elixir, aimed at the heart of the skin) and pure thermal plankton - branded ingredient Biotherm - which activates skin cell protection. The product also contains sunscreen SPF12.

These active ingredients help to strengthen the functions of the skin, restore its balance sheet and improve the appearance so that the wrinkles seemed minimal, and there was a healthy glow, according to Biotherm.