Down male skin with acne!
 In independent clinical trials, more than 90% of the participants experienced a reduction in acne on the skin in just 4 weeks. Get rid of acne, prevent future outbreaks, achieve healthy skin with these great tools series Murad Acne Complex Clear Skin Kit.

Cleanser for washing Clarifying Cleanser 125ml - clinically proven to reduce 99.9% of surface bacteria in less than one minute, this deep gel containing triclosan and salicylic acid helps to gently but effectively reduce acne outbreaks and keep your skin clean.

Exfoliating Gel Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel 50ml. The patented formula contains retinol, glycolic and salicylic acid, which penetrates into the pores and clean them thoroughly. Hydrogen peroxide helps prevent dryness, leaving skin clean and healthy.

50ml Skin Perfecting Lotion - ultra-light, non-fat, lotion moisturizes the skin without causing discomfort. The combination of retinol and arnica removes redness and helps prevent clogging of the pores by the softer, more balanced texture.

Acne Spot Treatment 15ml - immediately cope with unforeseen acne.