Givenchy released a collector's edition of famous fragrances
 «Givenchy» recently launched a new collection of fragrances under the name «Les Parfums Mythiques» (Mythical Fragrances), which includes a library of ten perfumes selected from the prestigious past of the company.

Some of them - men's fragrances: «Vetyver» (the first male fragrance Givenchy), «Monsieur de Givenchy», «Xeryus», «Insensé»; Women - «L'Interdit», «Le De», «Givenchy III», «Eau de Givenchy», «Extravagance d'Amarige» and «Organza Indécence». Some perfumes have become a true rarity. «Vetyve» r - one of them - it envelops you the veil of legend as one of the best Vetiver fragrances ever released.

It was created in 1959 under the name «Eau de Vétiver» and was originally conceived as a specially made to taste and ideas Hubert de Givenchy to show the true fragrance of vetiver ...

In a recent interview for «L'Express», he explained that at the same time enjoyed Vetiver perfume Mary Chess, but he always slipped the idea to do something slightly vary. Therefore, the project was conceived as an improvement to the existing flavor.

The new version of Eau de Vétiver - «Vetyver» - justifies the reputation of exceptional Vetiver perfume. This sensual fragrance consists of pure and gentle ingredients, offering the contrast between the earthy vetiver and lively performance, perfectly balanced creamy texture fragrant smell of coffee and dark, leafy, root, wood nuances.

The fragrance has received almost no impurities because vetiver notes were included in each stage of its development, and set the basic tone. In other flavors, they are only part of the whole sensual bouquet. As Givenchy, "Eau de Vétyver» - the flavor is always located at the peak of popularity, but formed around a single component. " Elegance, refinement, restraint - keywords associated with more expensive, designer fragrances, but entirely appropriate to do so.

«Vétyver» - unusually sophisticated fragrance that is a must-have for fans of vetiver, as, indeed, for those looking for a pure, sensual perfume. Although positioned as a fragrance for men, many women do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy them too.

Top notes - bergamot, vetiver; Central - coriander, vetiver; basic, lower - sandalwood, vetiver.