Indian love by Kenzo
 Amour Indian Holi from Kenzo - a new interpretation of fragrance in 2006 Kenzo Amour. It is named after the Indian festival of colors Indian Festival of Colors.

The fragrance combines notes of rose, peony, pink pepper.

I really liked the original Amour, when I first tried in 2006, and I still use it. The aroma creates perfect comfort in cold weather. Many people have complained that it is too soft, but I find vanilla - rice - puddingovuyu part of a very charming and dark notes of incense and wood chords rescued from discouragement (original flavor contains notes of cherry blossom, rice, white tea, heliotrope, tree Tanaka, incense vanilla and musk).

Kenzo starts from the opposite direction. You will learn in the style of the original Amour Amour Indian Holi, but the top notes have a sweet and fruity flavors, and wood-based sheet and incense became softer. A mixture of peony, rose and pink pepper gives the Indian Holi modern, typical of our time sound.

I do not what to do not like Amour Indian Holi, just on our shelves is already excessive amount of pink flavors. Therefore, I simply do not need it. But if you find the original Amour, then its worth a try. Bottle simply delicious. Maybe I would have bought a flavor just for him.