Jewellery Beauty
 Dior has released a limited version of lip gloss in a marvelous ball-shaped pendant called Diorlight.

Seeing him live, we realized that the person he looks better than the picture. Differences? Proportions Diorlight impressive than in the picture, making it more solid and sculptural thing to wear and Entertainment. Glitter is not too heavy, so it is comfortable to wear. In addition, it does not look fragile, so there is the constant fear of breaking the suspension. It - noble pendant in the form of a ball, inlaid with diamonds ...

 Jewellery Beauty
 After watching the movie Rosemary's Baby (1968), in which the heroine wore a large pomander - pendant on a long chain (Diorlight more), we were delighted and extremely jealous of this jewelry, it offers the same functionality.

Obviously, these pendants were more popular in the 60-70s years. Then there was the sale of aromatic pendant Florenza, but it was not easy to get.

Pendant Diorlight - released a limited version. We thought it would be nice if such a design produced perfume. Probably, it is not far off.