Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia Body Crème
 Two magnificent white flowers are gathered in a luxurious, elegant, and at the same time, a simple bouquet.

Originally created by Aerin Lauder fragrance for herself and her closest friends. This elegant fragrance combines the rich fragrance of tuberose and gardenia in a fresh, contemporary bouquet. Simple, elegant and luxurious.

Body Cream - luxurious perfumed with the scent of tuberose agent and gardenia. Light texture perfectly moisturizes and softens your skin and fills its enchanting aroma.

The cream is placed in a modern, but at the same time, the eternal packaging - a bottle made of opal glass. The cover is decorated with gold metal plates.

Aerin Lauder of Tuberose Gardenia

"The new series Private Collection designed for the modern woman who understands that simplicity is and always will be the purest form of luxury and elegance. I am very glad that I could share this with all of you" - says Aerin Lauder.