Collection of luxury by Christian Dior
 Christian Dior this year marks the 60th anniversary of the fashion house, and in honor of this house goes high (luxury / exclusive / expensive) perfume trends. «La Collection Particulière» - a trio of limited luxury perfumes, created by designer John Galliano in collaboration with perfumer François Demachy.

Each fragrance can be described in a few words:

 Collection of luxury by Christian Dior
   «La Collection Particulière Passage N ° 4" - "a magnificent rose, fiery peppers, travel and the Garden of Eden."

«La Collection Particulière Passage N ° 8" (on picture) - "velvet violet, delicate iris, dreams, laughter."

«La Collection Particulière Passage N ° 9" - "dazzling tuberose, creamy woods, late at night, fireworks."

The vials are made in the original design, is designed to Miss Dior in 1947.