Dream Tommy Hilfiger
 Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries has launched a new fragrance «Dreaming».

Perfume is inspired by the incredible feeling that a person experiences during dreams.

«Dreaming» by Tommy Hilfiger awakens sensuality and desire - the feelings and emotions, which was founded brand Tommy Hilfiger.

When people dream, they carry themselves mentally at any place associated with a particular period in their lives. Therefore, the combination of notes in the «Dreaming» naveivaet thinking about traveling, long-distance journeys.

 Dream Tommy Hilfiger
   The main components are white peach, tuberose, freesia, iris and woody accords. This is - a completely new, sophisticated direction for Tommy Hilfiger.

In accordance with this, the first time, Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries will introduce luxury products, such as perfume concentrate, which will be available in rich tissue boxes with the dream book as a gift. But it will be produced and flavors in 100ml bottles.

Bottle itself is shaped like a pillow, carrying a square cap on top of a bright red collar.