For the young ladies
 Puig Beauty & Fashion Group decided to expand its range of perfumes and produced a number of products, each of which focuses on a particular age group, so that the whole audience accurately segmented.

The first in this year will be the flavor for very young ladies (girls from three to five years) - The Island Princess fragrance, which is directly related to the latest movie Barbie Princess.

Alcohol-free fragrance, 75ml volume, packed in a decorative plastic bottle, decorated with scenes and fragments of the cartoon; cover has a crown shape.

Another novelty - Entertainment Princess Collection. This set of four thumbnails of 6 ml; Each flavor corresponds to the last four cartoons about the princess Barbie: it is The Princess and the Pauper (The Princess and the Pauper), The Magic of Pegasus (Pegasus Magic) 12 Dancing Princesses (12 Dancing Princesses) and The Island Princess (Princess Island).