Gifts from Crème de la Mer
 Crème de la Mer has released a limited edition deluxe gift sets that are perfect for the festive season.

The Essential Collection includes three key units: Cream «Crème de la Mer», lifting - Serum «The Lifting Face Serum» and a new concentrate for eyes «The Eye Concentrate» - are placed in a nice makeup.

Using all three products together for maximum care of the skin, restoring its power and during the winter season.

Among other innovations - «Crème de la Mer The Radiant Facial», which appears this month in America.

This intensive two-phase system, which aims to restore your skin to a healthy condition and smooth, sleek look.

The first stage - «Radiant Primer», which includes an exclusive marine complex antiallergic Anti-Irritant Marine Complex La Mer. The rich marine enzymes, vitamins and essential fatty acids, cream soothes the skin, preparing it to the second stage.

The second step - the mask «The Radiant Mask», which has a nourishing and cleansing effect, includes in its composition does not contain anti-oxidants and irritants. The main component of the mask - an enzyme of the White Sea La Mer's exclusive White Sea Ferment.