"Green" flavor from Lush
 Lush has launched a new fragrance «Go Green» and a series of solid perfumes most popular and favorite flavors you.

Becoming a true activist environmental, Rebecca Lush (it's her real name), who is now working in the Transport 2000, led the road block. Her new fragrance - is an invigorating blend of grapefruit, bergamot and neroli, vetiver with soothing mist. Herbal aromas of fennel, thyme and cedar wood will make you breathe as if you just came out of the woods, carrying a basket of citrus fruits.

«Go Green» is represented in the usual sprayed a bottle and a new line of solid perfumes.  "Green" flavor from Lush
   Solid perfume does not contain preservatives and manufactured based on coconut oil, carnauba wax and jojoba oil. Also, a series of solid perfumes are:

Silky Underwear - jasmine with vetivertom

Karma - Lush with signature fragrance of patchouli and orange

Honey I Washed The Kid - honey and toffee; Soap with the scent of a sales leader Lush

Potion - spicy clove with rose and tangerine

Fever - jasmine, rose and sandalwood

American Cream - cocktail of honey with strawberries