Innovative opening of Dior
 Dior unveiled a new technology of stem cells aimed at combating wrinkles.

Nowadays, when preventive and corrective anti-aging agents such as common as brushing your teeth daily, new technologies that can help us in the fight against competing brands, necessary as air. By gambling on skincare, Dior released a line of Capture R60 / 80 XP, based on the innovative technology of stem cells - Stemsone.

Which replaced the original series Capture R60 / 80 XP products have a triple effect, able to deliver us from the visible wrinkles already formed on the skin.

The first step - the patented technology of Bi-Skin, which is aimed at the surface wrinkles and gives an immediate smoothing effect. This process is also accompanied by a TP-Vityl technology, aimed at restoring the cell activity that protects the skin stem cells (primary cells, which arise from the other). This facilitates regular updating of tissues and complete recovery of the skin. Finally, technology Bionectine, which was designed to recognize the structure of the tissue and create a protective barrier, strengthens skin inside and out.

The new technology has been declared the first system of anti-aging skin care products that are based on stem cell research Innovation Centre Dior.