«Mousse Delight by Oriflame» - NEW for sensitive eyes
 «Oriflame Beauty Mousse Delight» - air tinting mousse eye that goes incredibly easy.

The product contains vitamin B5, which helps to protect and maintain the state of the eyelids and, at the same time, to conceal flaws. Apply a thin layer to a light shade or thicker - for saturated color.

«Mousse Delight» - available in five sensual shades: Blue Velvet, Soft Cloud, Cashmere Pink, Pink Bliss and Green Moss.

• Mobile creamy texture - 100% efficiency
• Do not rolled for 6 hours
• Natural colors with shimmering particles
• Tested on 96 women

How to use: blend the shadow of a finger across the eyelids, gently patting for better mixing.