New cosmetics for men "aged"
 Typically, potential buyers of products developed for people aged are women, but now is the Italian company Collistar products designed specifically for men over sixty years.

In 2002 the company presented a highly successful line of products for men, now it is the line of «Senior» technology «Anti-Age 360 ​​° Intensive Regenerating Treatment», ensures the regeneration of the skin, smoothing wrinkles. Real guarantee of tangible results and lasting effect.

In order to achieve the regeneration and strengthening of elasticity in the products used «SMS Silab's Men» - complex, combining extracts Annonas mesh and prickly pear, vitamins, minerals, natural amino acids and an extract of hematite, an excellent source of iron, designed to fill the skin with energy and improve its elasticity and firmness. Dewatering microspheres of hyaluronic acid to absorb moisture and increase the skin after contact with the skin, smoothing the skin and providing visible results in reducing the number of wrinkles and renewing facial contours. Concentrated serine provides a gradual hydration. In addition, the product provides protection from the sun's rays.