«Polo» by Ralph Lauren: anatomy of men's fragrances
 A short list of men's fragrance line «Polo» by Ralph Lauren: «Polo» (1978) and «Polo Explorer» (2007). Despite the fact that over the years I have bought a huge amount of products Ralph Lauren, from painted jeans to a pair of bright yellow cowboy boots (I was only 19!), I became attached to only one unique thing - Perfume «Monogram» (1985) . In my mind it was like a soft light wood flavor pleasant blue color. Issue «Monogram» was abruptly terminated (one of guesswork - blue color perfume cause allergic skin reaction). Since none of the fragrance Ralph Lauren did not cause my admiration.

 «Polo» by Ralph Lauren: anatomy of men's fragrances
   «Polo» (1978). Perfumer Carlos Benaïm, composition: basil, bergamot, caraway, "green" chords, juniper berry, geranium, carnation, jasmine, pine needle, rose, thyme, amber, cedar, leather, musk, moss, patchouli and incense).

I like «Polo»: from the beginning to the end. He exudes the freshness of the top notes and up to the base and affects its strength and power. It seemed to me that a small bottle of "perfume that will last for several years.

I would like to see Ralph Lauren used the formula «Polo» for the release of what some festive aromatic products: candles, oils, sprays for rooms.

 «Polo» by Ralph Lauren: anatomy of men's fragrances
   The following is a fragrance «Polo Explorer». This fragrance that has no boundaries. He is cocky, a little crazy, courageous and strong.

This flavor of adventure and discovery. So «Polo Explorer» defines the place of action of each of its components: Hawaii (aquatic chords), Australia (sandalwood), Indonesia (patchouli), Russia (coriander), Cuba (mahogany), Sicily (bergamot), South Africa (Mandarin ) and North Sea (amber ... like nuggets of fossilized resin were placed in flavor!).

Author: Anatoly Sverdlov