The novelty for your skin
 Brand cosmetics company Upscale - La Mer is a tonic «Radiant Infusion», characterized as a new way to refresh the skin and improve its condition.

During the application of tonic stimulates the skin, making it more healthy, radiant and attractive. In addition to the bio-enzymes, composed of ionized sea salt, antioxidants and enzymes glowing mixed in sea gel. This gel is based on the use of technology exclusive La Mer Deconstructed Waters, expand or contract the skin in those places where it is needed.

When applying the «Radiant Infusion» on the skin, this tonic makes it more bright and refreshed. Pores look tight and clean, which improves the appearance. Ionized sea salt, natural source of electrolytes needed by the body, provides the formation of negative ions fills the skin with energy and improving her condition.

  "I think that the« Radiant Infusion »- like the awakening of the skin," said Miralem Loretta (Loretta Miraglia), vice president of product development La Mer. "After applying, the skin condition improved almost instantly; «Radiant Infusion» works wonders, reducing pores, helping skin look unbeatable. "