L'Oreal sales in China begins
 L'Oreal has announced the sales of its products in China. Such popular brands as L'Oreal Paris, Mininurse, Garnier and Maybelline will be available in retail stores, after several promotions in shopping centers «Wal-Mart» and «Carrefour».

Products will appear in the Chinese national supermarkets such as, for example, «Lianhua», in the near future and, in time, these products will also in hairdressing salons and pharmacies.

The company expects sales in China to grow by 10-12%, and this will allow L'Oreal to take second place on the market after Procter & Gamble. In addition to increasing the number of mid-range products in supermarkets, L'Oreal plans to sell luxury cosmetics (Lancöme and Biotherm).