New products from L'Oreal Paris
 L'Oreal Paris promises to renew and improve the products of all categories for consumers of all ages in the next year.

According to L'Oreal, Age Re-Perfect Foundation - first means serving as a basis for applying makeup designed specifically for mature skin. It was introduced in Europe in October and will retail sale in early 2007.

  The effect of this product provides a "re-connection" leather, damps defects and age spots, while not focusing on deep wrinkles. The structure includes ingredients like Bio-Collagen, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin from the inside, and SPF12, to help prevent the appearance of age spots.

  After reaching 60 years of age, the human body loses the ability to retain calcium, which plays an important role in the recovery process of rebuilding the night of the epidermis. Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium Night helps to solve this problem, says L'Oreal, and has a restorative effect, strengthening, toning and moisturizing the skin.

  In addition, L'Oreal is Collagen Filler Eye, smooths wrinkles around the eyes and reduces the possibility of darkening around the eyes.