OPI Manicure Series
 Take care of your nails with the crème de la crème from the comfort of home

OPI offers real luxury and quality embodied in the new replacement series of manicure. For example, try a beautiful, full of energy, moisturizer Manicure Effervescent Soak or nourishing hand cream Manicure Finishing Butter, soft as butter, it is instantly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue on the hands and nails.

  In addition, OPI presented Manicure Skin Renewal Scrub. Great scrub - the first step to beautiful hands! Natural, dissolved in water, sugar crystals gently dry clean, leaving hands smooth and shiny. Deep penetration of olive oil provides the stimulation of cell renewal and recovery, ensuring the health and youth of the skin of hands. Your perfect manicure starts from that brand!